if anyone's into nails, beware (possibly) of THESE sites

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if anyone's into nails, beware (possibly) of THESE sites

Postby pinyata on Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:56 am

Hi ladies!

Before I begin please let say that this is only my experience of certain companies, and, as has happened before (to me at least) I may have simply been unlucky and dealt with the wrong member of staff at the wrong time. Please understand that it is not my intention to slight anyone, or to offend anyone here and thus provoke arguments. If you have found these companies to be reputable then all well and good. It's just that my personal experience of them has been very negative and I'm damn livid about it!!!

disclaimer over, READ ON!

I ordered from not one, not two, but THREE companies, two of whom DIDN'T came up with the goods, and one of whom who sent only 1/3 of my order. I ordered from them in JANUARY and despite countless phonecalls and emails they have neither responded nor refunded me. One of them told me upon two occasions that she had sent my order, but I've yet to receive it. She gave me a tracking order which turned out to be bogus. I have since tried calling and emailing her but she does not answer her phone or emails.

I've lost over £1000 between these three places, and unfortunately I left it too late to be able to get my money back via my credit card and paypal. I am now thinking of submitting their names to ripoffreport.

In the case of the one woman who did respond (initially), I do not know for certain whether I've simply been unlucky and her dispatches got lost in the post TWICE, and she somehow managed to give me an erroneous tracking order (stranger things have happened at sea).

I was wondering if anyone else has had any dealing with the following websites, and if so, what was the outcome?

(only sent 1/3 of my order)

(took my money and ran)

(claimed to have sent items, gave bogus tracking order)

I hope, at least, that if no-one has dealt with these places, that you do not give them your custom.

Thanks for reading.
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