Empress hair by 'XXXXXXXXXXXX'

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Empress hair by 'XXXXXXXXXXXX'

Postby ladylonghair on Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:57 am

Have any of you guys ever tried 'XXXXXXX' hair made by the company "XXXXXXXX" Im telling you...they will be the next BIG line out there. I have tried over 14 different brands of hair and there is NOTHING even comparable...wellll. Maybe Great Lengths but their quality has really gone down hill over the last year or two. I hear that they have a tierd system now that determines who gets the "good stuff" and who gets the crap. Well my friend tests hair extensions for a company and she said that their hair and SoCap both came back with traces of HORSE HAIR in them....Anyways Check out the main website ...they are very resonable and I mark the price of the hair up$30+ bucks a bundle and my clients say it is the best hair they have ever had in their heads. it WILL NOT SHED at allllll. www.XXXXXXXX. They also do something called Private Labeling and drop shipping. Im thinking about getting some hair in bulk and just reselling it at the salon.

Let me know if anyone tried them. Im so excited to have found them. :lol: Finally ,,,,

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