Intrakera Leave- in Conditioner

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Intrakera Leave- in Conditioner

Postby Katie on Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:09 pm

I did a search and didnt find this product mentioned. If it is a duplication, please excuse me.

When I was ordering the Silicon Mix, I ordered this (just to get the free shipping on Amazon :roll: because the Silicon Mix came from another source and didn't qualify).

It is made by Image, and claims to be

Deep Penetrating Laeve-in Conditioner

A unique blend of silicones, Pro vitamin B-5, exotic botanicals and protein that corrects, restructures and restores. INTRAKERA detangles, moisturizes, softens and shines as it gives hair body.

A liter was $22.73, which struck me as a pretty pricey, but in my search for the perfect leave-in conditioner I decided to give it a try.

I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a spray bottle, but that is just what I am used to.

You are supposed to put it on wet hair, but I was sitting here with a messy, ratty-ended braid (on a headful of hair in desperate need of washing product out of it) and I decided to see what it did to the end of my braid, which was beginning to resemble a Brillo pad.

The product is a dull shade of aquamarine, and has that icky, mucousy consistency that I am not fond of. It does have a nice smell (which is important to me :P )--sort of a lavendary, herbal scent, not too strong.

I poured about a lima-bean sized dollop on my hands, rubbed them together and applied the gunk to the tail of my braid. It wasn't as slimey as most products with dimethicone in it. I worked it thought the hair and combed it through, then sat drinking coffee for a few minutes. I noticed that it had dried, so I inspected the hair. It was soft, shiney (like just-washed shiney--a clean shine, not an oil-slick shine) and not at all frizzy.

I was pleased, and using the theory that if a little is good, a lot *must* be better, I put more on. It just made the hair softer and shinier.

I undid a few inches of the braid and worked a glob into the hair--and I kept putting more on to see where the point is where you have crossed the line and made a mess of your hair (which is useful to know, for me, anyway) and it does not seem to build up to a sticky mess, ever. The hair just soaks it up and shines happily back at me.

And this was on dry, dirty hair, not clean, towel-dried hair like it was supposed to be.

I *love* this stuff!
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