Ebonyline.com Review of Company

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Ebonyline.com Review of Company

Postby Jofab on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:09 pm

Hi all-

this is a follow up to many referrals and its been a while since i have been on. Its too bad that I cannot give Ebonyline.com any good referrals AT ALL. The past year their service has gone down the toilet. From Missing orders, wrong colors, wrong lengths, bad quality of hair, waiting days for responses, waiting 30 mins or more on the phone, to them saying things have been shipped, then them emailing me days later to say they haven't been able to get it in. And don't bother trying to deal with Management, as it does not exist.

I put this on, as a friend in Canada just had a huge mess with them again as well. This time after not getting a response for a color after 4 days, she called, put in the order on a Weds, then got an email 7 days later that it wasn't in. She rebooked her apt for her client, then called to wait on phone for 25 mins, and spoke with a Vivian..? who checked for her a different length, my friend then asked her for another brand, and Vivian said she has customers waiting and could not talk, my friend said she waited on phone for over 25 mins...and she was a customer too, then this Vivian had the Nerve to HANG UP ON HER!. She tried calling the manager of customer service who basically said too bad....): And it is.

I am so sorry that this company has gone down, they were one of my top fav. companies, but I will not take the risk anymore, plus, there are many companies out there who actually want our business and we should not be treated like that.

Try Texas Supply or the Hair Factory! At least they go out of their way to help!

Board: Keep up the great work! This is one site I can always count on getting quality info and meet the best people! :Y:
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