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Review of China Lace Wig - Att: Eddie

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:14 pm
by Jofab
HI All - It took me forever to find a new supplier that knows what customer service is. I have recently tried out [b]China Lace Wig Company[/b], and was dealing with the Manager Eddie. It probably took about 20 emails back and forth, as I am really picky about the hair I purchase, we had to talk about special orders, etc. Eddie had so much patience, responded to every single email the next day..(only because of time differences), and was friendly and patient each time. I was not putting in a huge order, so he could have just ignored me, or could have been rude like Ebony ONLINE Hair, but he was not, each and every time. I was looking for of course very good quality for cheap. For example I would always use Boyhme Gold Hair Collection, and Black Diamond I will let you know how this hair compares. I will do a full review of China Lace Wigs Hair quality.....and if needed, their return policy, or how they make it up to customers.....I had a special order, so takes about a week longer, but to me its worth it, as I will see what new fresh hair is like....and I will follow up with updates on how many washes it lasted.