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Postby sherrie215 on Mon Mar 27, 2006 1:34 am

The rules for participation:

*Thread Highjacking! Please try to keep posts on the topic subject. (I know this isnt always possible) But please try to stay on topic, or start a new thread!

* Please post in the appropriate forum! Please make every effort to post in the appropriate topic forum whenever possible. Your post may moved or deleted if it is posted in the wrong forum!

* Please Research! Make sure you are not double posting. Please also search the desired forum first to determine if your post has already been covered.

* Trolling! Please don't add posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people or add posts that you know will cause arguments.

* Personal Attacks! Please do not criticize people. While it is appropriate to share your difference of opinion, please do so with kindness and courtesy. No abusive, obscene, offensive, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, hateful conduct will be allowed.

* Advertising will be allowed ONLY by active and contributing members. Please ONLY post adverts in the appropriate sections (Adverts/Reviews) Absolutely no FLOODING with adverts. And when appropriate please use Private Messaging for personal business dealings. All adverts by non contributing members will be deleted. Also, advertising outside of the Adverts/Reviews area may be deleted.

* Spamming. Commercial posts or flooding of the forum with adverts will be deleted. No junk mail, chain letters or pryamid schemes will be tolerated.

* Administration reserves the right to ban members or edit/delete posts that are inappropriate or offensive or not complying with the forum rules.

Please keep this forum friendly, as a member you are responsible for your comments at all times!

Thank You.... :)
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