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Caring for your hair extensions

Postby sherrie215 on Mon Dec 25, 2006 12:56 am


Care sheet by Elvira

**Do not wash your hair for 24-48 hours after your hair extensions are installed.

**Keep the hair clean using a clarifying, sulfate free shampoo.

**Do not apply conditioner directly to the bond area.

**Normal to Dry Hair- Wash hair every few days. It is suggested not to wash hair every day or it will decrease the length of the bond.

**Oily Hair-Many have found that the benefits of washing their hair daily may outweigh having to suffer through greasy looking hair. Although the extensions will not last as long, having clean shiny hair is more important to many.

**Always rinse the hair after swimming in salt or chlorine water.

**Hair becomes tangled when hair conditioner, dirt and sweat buildup accumulate.

**If the hair feels dry or heavy with build up, wash it with a clarifying shampoo.

**Always brush hair from the bottom up, small sections at a time.

**When water is added all at once, the hair swells like sponge and will tangle. Gradually wet the hair.

**After wetting the hair, apply a good clarifying shampoo and rinse thoroughly with water.

**If you use conditioner, do not apply directly on the bonds!

**Always wash and brush the hair in one direction. Using a Super Looper brush decreases risk of tangling. and matting.

**Use a Blow dryer on a Low to Medium Heat Setting to dry wet hair ( helps

lengthen the life of the bond when bond is completely dry.)

**Brush the hair at least twice a day, never yanking and pulling the hair. Use a Super Looper Brush.

**Most extension hair is already chemically treated so it is suggested not to dye the hair.

**Never leave your extensions in over three months! The root hair needs to be brushed out completely to avoid tangling and dreading.

**If you must color the hair, the temporary hair colors work very well.

**Sleep on completely dry hair either in braids or a pony to avoid tangling.

**Hair naturally sheds 50-100 hairs per day. Do not be alarmed when your hair sheds unless the shedding is excessive.

**Call your hair extensionist if there are any concerns!
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