Definitions: Double/Single Drawn Remy/Non Remy

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Definitions: Double/Single Drawn Remy/Non Remy

Postby sherrie215 on Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:26 pm

I would like to thank Divavocals for her wonderful explanations of Double drawn and Single drawn hair. And Remy and Non Remy hair.

Definitions of single versus double drawn
Remy (AKA Remi) Hair: Simply is the hair-bundle, with hair arranged in such a way that the roots of all the hair in entire bundle are on one end of the bundle and the ends on the other end of the bundle. Remi hair has its cuticles intact. In other words, all the cuticles are Unidirectional (in same direction) and are undisturbed.
Remi Hair is sold in two forms:

Remy Hair Single Drawn: This hair is collected by shaving the head and hence each bundle of hair is like pony tail with different hair lengths with the very short hair taken out. For example: in a bundle of 20" "Remi hair single drawn" you could find hair of size 14" 16", 18" 20"

Remy Hair Double Drawn: This is usually the most expensive hair. This is single drawn hair which has been cut on both ends so that the whole bundle of hair is the same length. For Example 20" of Remi Double Drawn hair-bundle will have all the hair of 20" (hair is drawn by hand, not by machine hence small error is evitable). It does not have any short hair inside.

Non Remy Hair: Also called fallen hair. This hair has their roots and ends mixed up. They have problem of tangling as the cuticles are not in same direction. This hairs is not very expensive. Though this kind of hair has problems, it is still the most popular hair sold in the world. Most BSS hair is Non Remy hair. Non Remy hair is sold as Double Drawn hair and has two kinds of quality:

Tangle Free Non Remy Hair: Sometimes referred to as “cuticle hair”. This is Non Remy Hair where the cuticles have been chemically removed (usually by dipping the hair in acid). This hair has gone through an acid bath stripping most of the cuticle from the hair. The cuticle removal helps prevent tangling from misaligned cuticles. The hair is then dipped in silicone in an attempt to give the hair a healthy appearance. The hair will appear beautiful and shiny at first, but after shampooing and styling, the silicone coating eventually wears off. The hair will eventually become tangled, dry and unmanageable.

Normal Non Remy Hair: This is the least expensive hair available, but it has the most tangling problems as cuticles are misaligned.
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