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Here's a list of some basic links for beginners. This is not at all definitive by any means, but should offer some general guidelines for those who are trying to figure out various methods, suppliers, and such. Please feel free to add more links or comments.

I've included the links of sellers and extensionists that seem to be reputable, but I'm not affiliated with them, and I can't vouch for the quality of their products or services. ***Please check other threads or
post questions before you spend your money on anything.*** The gallery section is especially small, because I don't want to promote anyone I don't have firsthand experience with, but I thought the photos at these might be helpful.

Check back often as I will often make changes to update links, and add new ones as required.

Hair Forums/Boards

Black Hair Media Forum (a wealth of info, with lots about weaves, lace-fronts, and Indian hair):

Hair Boutique (a wealth of info, with lots about weaves, bonded and strand methods)

Black Beauty, Black Hair Forum (a place to talk about weave techniques, extensions, and the different types of hair)


Hair and Supplies

Hair Extensions 101 (bonding tape, liquid gold glue, supplies and more):

Beaucoup Hair (bonding tape, silicone microrings, fusion irons, supplies and more):

Doc Locks (shrinkies, microlinks, heat clamps, hair, and more): (extendtubes, hair, supplies, and more):

Your Hair Shop(supplies and hair for extendtubes, shrinkies, fusion, and more):

His and Her (hair, supplies, and a new pretipped section):

Hairaddition (hair, including super-long lengths):

Glamour Hair (hair, supplies, and more):

Bliss Hair (untreated Indian hair):

Nature Girl (untreated Indian hair):

Afrocare (hair, supplies, and more):

Ebonyline (hair, including Bohyme and more):

Extensions-Plus (high-quality human hair):

PlastikHaar (high-quality synthetic hair in more colors, textures, and lengths than anyone):

Dome (high-quality synthetic hair):

Prostyles/ProHair (high-quality synthetic hair **Note: Only available to licensed stylists in U.S.; available for home use in the U.K.):

Golden Mart, Hair Sisters, and Bella Beauty--sellers of WaWa thermofiber: ... eZl2QQtZkm

Vixen Wigs (Top-notch eBay seller of WaWa thermofiber): ... human.html

Hair Sisters:

Bella Beauty Supply:

Additional Lengths (Drawing mats):

Treasured Locks (featuring "Take Down" products, helpful in removing extensions/matting/residue):


Aftercare Guidelines

Hair Alchemy’s Aftercare Instructions for strand installs:



Boogie Mama' Gallery (there are others-go to main site to access other galleries):


Mark Glenn:


Snarl Hair:

Hair Alchemy:

Kelly's Devilish Do's:

Cyberparlor (there are others-go to main site to access other galleries):

Metalgirl's Metamorphosis Hair Design:

Braids By SaBrina Galleries:


Related Resources

Hairloss Sites

Hairloss Groups
MSN Hair Habits:
MSN Wig Support:

Jenny's Hair Sense:
International Wig:

Other Communities
Yahoo Hairgroove:

Hair-Color Disasater Rx Boards:

Wig & Extensions haircare guides
Not Just Wigs - HAIR INFO & CARE: Links including the "Hair Loss Q&A"
Synthetic Wig And Hairpiece Care
Synthetic Hair Care
Synthetic Hair Extension Tips
Everything You Need To Know About Human Hair
Human Hair Wig And Hairpiece Care
Human Hair Extension Tips (Applies to Bonded Extensions Only)
Human Hair Extension Care
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