Bohyme and Unique Wiiv Prices

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Bohyme and Unique Wiiv Prices

Postby sherrie215 on Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:06 pm

Hey ladies, it appears that the prices had went up across the board for all of Fashion World prices. That includes Bohyme, Unique Wiiv, Black Diamond and Terry Collection. I am not a distributor for Black Diamond or Terry.

Right now there are several vendors out there that carry larger inventories than what I have in stock, so I dont want to take any special orders for products that I dont have in stock when I know that you can get it cheaper from vendors that still have stock. I dont want my customers to have to pay prices that took a major increase. I would rather lose the sale than to have to charge you so much.

The price increase for Bohyme is from $30-$60 per package. Very large vendors can get a bigger discount.
The price increase for Unique wiiv is about $10-$20 per package.

So in the meantime, what I have in stock is what I have. If you want to order something I dont have it will be at the much higher price.
Once the other vendors deplete their inventories you will start seeing them all raise their prices to reflect the new prices. Then I will start taking special orders again when my prices are competitive with theirs.

In the meantime I am looking for new sources, as I think alot of people will not be willing/able to pay these new prices.
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