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Postby oh*so*sassy on Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:36 pm

Hello to my fellow HairExtensions101 members!! :>:D<: My name is Ana.

Sherrie mentioned she was interested in expanding the forum to include a beauty reviews section- a place where we can all gab about and share our experiences with various beauty products. Be it for your skin, hair, face, body... whatever your current favorites or faux pas may be, let's talk about it here!

I will be the only one who will begin topics in this section, however everyone is welcome and encouraged to post freely under each topic (respond) to any and all topics. That is the point of this new section. We each will have different experiences with products, so each person's experience and opinion is important.

I will be starting threads often. Each thread will have a basic topic, i.e Mascara, Foundation, Shampoo; and some will have specific topics i.e. Nars Lipstick, MAC eye shadows, etc.

Being as I am certifiably beauty/hair/skin product obsessed, it is a very suitable, fitting task for me to undertake. :lol: I am looking forward to sharing our favorites, essentials, and not-so-favorites. In the process, we will each get to learn more about products that we may never have been aware existed, or have never tried. Let's have some fun!



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Re: Greetings!!

Postby zephyr on Sun May 27, 2018 12:28 am

I recently got some Bee Venom Cream for the face from ebay, its made in Spain. Didnt know if it would be any good but hey presto it really works at building collagen on the face. After 25yrs of age we lose collagen as our bodies kind of stop producing it as quick so we lose definition and that youthful plumped up glow.

I would recommend bee venom moisturiser as it is really working fo me.
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