question about new hair extensions

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question about new hair extensions

Postby Rita84 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:57 pm

Hello I have Ciao Bella hair extension . I purchased the I tip from this website? Has anyone ever purchased this hair I paid $260 for 100 I tips . Now personally I don't think the hair was worth that much . The best way to.describe this hair is that the strands look frizzy like some of the hair strand sticks up in the strand and won't lay down meaning I am forced to straighten it yes with heat protection :-) . The hair is soft however it looks frizzy. That being said the hair was supposed to be double drawn which obviously it wasn't because there is shorter hair in the strand that makes it look frizzy. Also the hair I bought is straight my hair has a natural wave to it but like it worn straight. Now that my hair has a wave does that mean the extension get caught on my wavy hair and makes the extension wavy. Any suggestions for that like every time I put leave in conditioner in or get it wet my natural hair curls up. Please leave suggestions and do you think I paid way to much for hair that gets frizzy. If this is what type of hair I get for almost 300 I'm shaking my head. I only have has two sets of hair extension 80 for 200 strands then these ones
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Re: question about new hair extensions

Postby clipinqueen on Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:06 pm

Hi. I have never worn I-tips or any fusion before, so I couldn't help you much there. I know you can get hair much cheaper than that though and more to your liking. It sounds like the hair is not necessarily bad, just not your texture match. It can be a very natural look to have extensions that wave up with your own hair, so maybe just work with it and straighten the whole thing when you want. I tend to order hair straight from China (custom) so it's much cheaper always. There are lots of great stores though on Ebay, etc.
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Re: question about new hair extensions

Postby zephyr on Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:53 am

Never used this brand so I am unable to comment on its quality. Can recommend a lady who I trained some years ago who now owns a hair company called ANGEL REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS.COM she is called Debbie. Mobile Number is: 07966 158598. She will give special wholesale rates to CONNECT-2-HAIR customers. We no longer stock lots of hair, as we are primarily a hair extension training academy, and only stock hair for training students.

Hope this helps :D
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