Quick question for Clipin

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Quick question for Clipin

Postby frenchie on Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:51 am

Hi everyone,
Its been a long time!!!
I saw that Clipin mentioned some chinese vendors... and I love me some chinese remy!!
Additional lengths is discontinuing its line of chinese remy. They have other brans that look interesting but more expensive unfortunately.
To me the chinese remy from additional lengths was the only hair comparable to Bohyme hair in quality, and their prices were reasonable.
So if you can recommend me something for a good reputable chinese vendor, let me know.
I thought other people might be interested in knowing about that, which is why I didnt PM you.
But feel free to PM in response if you are not comfortable sharing this info.
See you,
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Re: Quick question for Clipin

Postby clipinqueen on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:25 pm

Oh man, Frenchie; I'm just seeing this now. Sorry about that.

I have no problem suggesting a couple of Chinese vendors actually for Chinese Remy or Euro hair (whatever that really is!)

I'm first going to mention and suggest Peter @ Leading Beauty: http://www.leadingbeautyhair.com/ = just email and ask him for quotes on his Chinese Remy. He was honest enough to tell me that they have two qualities of hair: one high end and one low end. The high end is more money of course. I am currently wearing his Euro/Russian (not sure I believe that label) hair and it is unbelievable quality and it is my second wear.

Second, I still love Holly's Euro hair, which is very much like Bohyme Remy. www.wigsandclosures.com - Lots of colours and textures to choose from. Haven't ordered from her in awhile though, so her prices may be up there now and the quality MAY have dropped.

Lastly, I would recommend Florence Yu at huanyuhair47@yahoo.cn. I believe I found her on Alibaba.com. She sells European Remy/Russian (again, not sure of that description!) at very affordable prices, but it was hard to get her to agree to a small order. She wanted me to order five pieces of hair right off the bat. Then again, it's so cheap, that even five pieces is reasonable in cost. I wore her skin wefts and machine wefts for two months and still have it.

HTH, but I must warn that my experiences may not be yours. Use your better judgment if something doesn't sound right.
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Re: Quick question for Clipin

Postby zephyr on Thu May 24, 2018 11:30 am

Thanks for the info greatly appreciated, especially closure wholesaler. Thanks
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