clip in bangs?

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clip in bangs?

Postby bellapsyd on Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:50 am

anyone tried these? ... dZViewItem

is there a way to do a swoop bang sew in?
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Postby blainewitch on Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:45 pm

Hi Bella,
I bought these after seeing your post. I am not sure if I like them. When I have my extensions in I feel like a hair monster .... too much heavy hair around my face. These bangs are thick. There are 3 or 4 rows of machine wefts on the net. The top row comes from behind and folds over to hide the top of the net.

They swooped the opposite way of my part when I received them, so I washed them and re-styled. The swoop did not work on me at all, so I just made them straight , eyebrow length. They attach high up on my head, which is a very different look for me, I have never cut my bangs up so high on my head. But, when I attach them lower, they looked even weirder.

I may wear them between installs ... I keep buying things for this purpose, but never end up actually using them. They looked kinda cute with my hair up in a pony .... If only I liked any of my phony ponies. I hate them all.

I bought these honey buns too:

Too bad they didn't look that cute on me..... I love the advert pic. Of course I had no hair in, just my thin hair in 2 buns with fringe sticking up over the buns, then the bangs ..... I don't know .... maybe I would wear my hair out like that .... usually I just hurry up and put it all back in.

About doing a sew in of bangs.... I think you would have to have enough hair on top to hide the weft and I think this would mean cutting your bangs then adding a weft under to make them fuller? I am sure that a pro would have a better idea of how to do this .... I honestly don't think I am skilled enough to DYI bangs ... and my hair is too thin on top to hide the weft .... Maybe skinwefts???
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