putting red highlights in 1B

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putting red highlights in 1B

Postby Julia74 on Mon May 09, 2011 5:00 pm

Hi all
I want to put red highlights in my 1B. I found a milkway hair that was 1B/30 and LOVE, LOVE< LOVE The color! It gave me just enough highlights to let my skin tone look more natural instead of 'Elvira' white with the Ib. :-)
So to my question....has anyone every tried to put highlights in their dark or balck hair before install? I have french refined body wave in 1B (they didn't offer a highlighted color option). I lready asked Sherri about sewing in some strips of her handtied bohyme she sells in 30 but I think all hers is sliky straight and mine is body wave....
Anyone have any experience with putting red highlights in dark extension hair?
Julia :D
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Re: putting red highlights in 1B

Postby DLY303 on Sat May 28, 2011 5:06 am

I really wouldn't even try it to be honest. Bohyme is really hard to lift. I think they might be one (like a lot of extension companies) that dyes their hair with a fabric type dye. It is really hard to get it to lighten with hair bleach, *especially* if you are talking about a color as dark as 1B. If I were you, I would see if another vendor had something else that might match for the highlight color if it is not available from Bohyme. You might also see if there is anything in Bohyme's keratin tipped extensions that might work that you could add to the wefts if you can't find wefted hair that matches.

If all that fails, you might searching online to see how you can use RIT dye remover to remove fabric type dyes from extension/wig hair. I have seen some girls do that quite successfully. Just make sure to do a strand test! If you can get the dye off that way, you can tint from there with your auburn hair color or bleach then tint if the level isn't light enough. HTH.
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