helpppp!! dark brown dye made my hair BLACK

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helpppp!! dark brown dye made my hair BLACK

Postby arienette on Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:21 pm

so I bought new extensions yesterday in color #2 (dark brown). My hair has grown out quite a bit (i have naturally dark brown hair) but it was a little blotchy looking and dull so i decided after taking out my old extensions, i would dye my hair dark brown to match #2 new extensions nicely.
i went with herbal essences color me vibrant in chocolate velvet (#66 dark brown) AND IT MADE MY HAIR BLACK, NOT BROWN. now my extensions don't even friggin match!! and i'm dieing to put extensions back in but i cant cause the clashing color would look stupid... i am SO upset and mad.

i rushed to Sallys and bought Color Zap.. did a strand test... which did NOTHING but make the test strand brittle and dry.. so i threw out the rest of the Color Zap.. what a waste of money.

i consulted my friend who is a hairschool graduate and she said she'd help me fix it but it might not turn out as expected.she said we can strip it and dye it with a medium brown dye tomorrow.

I'm really worried to process my hair anymore. How long do you think this will take to fade so that i can put my #2 extensions in??? I scrubbed my hair with dish soap tonight in a desperate attempt to lighten the dark dye but i don't think it did much : (

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Postby Guccigirl on Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:09 am

Oh wow,

I'm really sorry that happened! :( I don't know too much about lifting a dark brown lighter, but maybe someone else has some insight)

Maybe a semi-permanent would work better.

Why not call the phone # for herbal essences on the box, I know they have people there to help with problems like that and they may be able to tell you what will fix it or lighten it.

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Postby blainewitch on Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:41 pm

I don't know what causes this, but I too have a similar problem.
I try to wear my hair at a level 4, but it keeps getting darker and darker. I use Redken Color Fusion, level 5, but the color seems to be building up and getting darker and darker. My hair now is at a level 2, so I am wearing it that way .... but really I am shooting for a level 4.

My roots, which are grey, don't cover so well. If I dye my entire head the same color, then they turn out much lighter than the shafts and ends, although I leave the color on my roots for 40 minutes then only on the ends for 15 of those minutes. I can only get my roots dark enough if I use level 3N on them. This is a big hassle.

The hairdresser at Sally's told me that the color will keep building and I either have to wear it dark or strip the color. She said it won't just faide away. :?

:-k So I have not helped you solve your problem and I really don't have a solution .... but I do think our problems are similar.

Is this how dark brown dyes are supposed to work? They just keep depositing color?

How come my dye used to fade and start out level 4 then end at a 6 or an 8? Did it just build up like the hairdresser said??? At least now my hair color is more constant, but it is darker than I planned on.
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Postby FabulousHairExt on Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:37 pm

First off do not let your friend strip the color off your hair! Color zap is bleach. striping color requires bleach, therefore your whole head will be brittle and dry just like ur strand test ! Go back to sally's and get a box of one and only hair color remover it's bleach free and will not damage your hair! use it according to the directions (heat really helps!) and then apply a demi level 4 hair color and watch it closely, ur hair will mostly take the color quite quickly, the level 4 should get you close to what ur extension color is! Hope this helps and good luck!
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Postby arienette on Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:53 pm

ok so it took about 2 hours but my hairschool friend saved my lifee!!

we stripped the colour using bleach. i've never bleached my hair before so i was absolutely terrified, but she told me it's really the only option if i want a lighter colour. I trust her, so she mixed some bleach powder and developer up and slathered it on, keeping a close eye on the condition & color of my hair as the bleach stripped it. Did quite an amazing job...took ALL the black dye out of my hair! i've never seen my hair so light before.My roots were a bright yellowy blonde and the rest was a brown-red colour. The bleach made my hair really dryed out (but didn't break at all!) and my friend reassured me the dye would make it feel better.Next was time to colour.She used a mix of 5G (i think it was) and 4N. My roots sucked up the colour so bad, we had to do 2 extra applications of the darker brown colour to roots only so that the brassyness would go away. After a good cold rinse (my scalp had just about had enough of the bleach + immediate dye experience) i did a deep deep deep condition and applied blowdryer heat. Left the conditioner on for a good hour.

My extensions match perfectly : ) ..and as for the condition of my hair after all this bleaching and dyeing... unbelievably soft and shiny, no breakage at all!!! (and it only cost me about $50) compared to what a salon would have charged me.. my friend gussed $200, as she works in 2 salons.

So blainewitch, my only suggestion to you, from personal experience, is to get someone who knows what they are doing and has the knowledge & experience to strip the black/dark dye out and recolour your hair accordingly. I would go a medium brown and work your way darker (if needed), carefully watching your hair as it takes the colour, making sure it doesnt go too dark otherwise you'll be back at square one.

and NEVER USE BOX DYE AGAIN.At least i never will, i've learned my lesson : )
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